Spring flowers we love!

This past Wednesday marked the first day of spring and already I have sprouts starting in the garden and buds forming on my magnolia trees.  This winter seemed incredibly long, mostly because I feel like I was sick for 75 percent of it! As the days are getting longer and the weather is slowly getting warmer we can only get excited about spring flowers.  We always try to shop local and that means looking at seasonal flowers for our region. We have selected three of our favourite spring flowers to highlight on the blog today!

Seasonal Spring Flowers - Colour.jpg

Ranunculus: This flower is an all time favourite of ours.  With soft feathery petals, ranunculus are a sweet delicate looking flower.  Not only do they come in a variety of colours, but also different textures. Butterfly ranunculus for example feature a number of different flowers on each stem.  They also have a more open face and thin petals that “flutter” in the breeze.

Seasonal Spring Flower - Purple Ranunculus.jpg

Helleborus: Sometimes referred to as the ‘Christmas Rose” or ‘Winter Rose’ this plant begins blooming in the winter and continues into the spring.  With a unique colouring, hellebores are most commonly seen in shades of green, white and burgundy. With a distinct 5 petal head, hellebores are sure to wow in any arrangement.

Seasonal Spring Flower - Hellebores.jpg

Anemone: This flower truly makes a statement with it’s contrasting ‘eye’ catching center.  Most commonly seen in white, anemones are also available in shades of pinks and purples. It is no surprise that this flower is a symbol of protection against evil.  

Seasonal Spring Flower - White Anemone.jpg

What are some of your favourite spring flowers?  

White Anemone in a wintery bridal bouquet

White Anemone in a wintery bridal bouquet

Bouquets: What’s your style?

We often consider the bridal bouquet as the centerpiece to your whole floral design.  It is the showstopper and is very likely the first thing you consider when envisioning your wedding flowers.  We have highlighted three different bouquet styles to give you a better idea of what look you might want for your big day.   There are a number of other options for your bouquet including a flower adorned embroidery hoop, however we find these styles are most requested from our brides.  Each style is not exclusive, and some characteristics can be combined to create your individual look.

Posie Drawing-01.png

Posy: a smaller bouquet with a few highlighted blooms. A posy is a great option for bridesmaids or flower girls.

Round Bouquet Drawing-01.png

Loose Round: overall a spherical shape with some flowers that break free. This style is more structured not as tight and formal. Also sometimes called “hand-tied”.

Loose Round Bouquet Photographer: Kate Warren Photography

Loose Round Bouquet
Photographer: Kate Warren Photography

Loose Round Bouquet Photographer: Sweetheart Empire

Loose Round Bouquet
Photographer: Sweetheart Empire

Wild Bouquet Drawing-01.png

Wild: a whimsical asymmetrical look, usually over-sized and unstructured. Greenery is used that falls naturally and this look is often highlighted with long flowing ribbons.

Wild Bouquet Photographer: Lauren McCormick Photography

Wild Bouquet
Photographer: Lauren McCormick Photography

Wild Bouquet Photographer: Scandaleuse Weddings

Wild Bouquet
Photographer: Scandaleuse Weddings

What style are you more drawn to?  Have a unique look that you want to try?  
We are always open to new creative ideas!

Flower Bunch Subscriptions are back!

We are beyond excited to announce that bunch subscriptions are back by popular demand!

After a brief hiatus, we are re-launching our awesome monthly bunch flower subscription service in Toronto. This service is a wonderful way to enjoy fresh flowers each month and support a local business. Each bunch is carefully designed and curated with a focus on locally grown Ontario flowers as well as what we grow in our own gardens seasonally.

Give it as a gift, or gift to yourself!


Each month Burlap & Lace Florals will be supporting a local or Canadian charity that speaks to our sustainability platform and promotes positive communities. It’s a small way we can give back, and you can feel good about it too!

We are also launching ‘Pick-up Locations’ across the city. We have carefully chosen some awesome community hubs to partner with as our subscription pick-up locations. Step in and enjoy your neighbourhood and connect with a small local business, we love supporting them and know that you will too!


Our first subscription bunches will be ready for pick-up on Thursday March 27th. Make sure to sign up for yours here!
Additional details regarding subscription dates and a complete list of our pick up locations can be found at here.

March Charitable Giving
Burlap & Lace is proud to support Friends of the Earth Canada. A portion of our bunch subscription sales go directly to this incredible organization that is doing so much important work to take action and protect our environment. Have a look at all the work they are doing and become a friend of the earth!

Do you know a local charity that we can featured next month? Send us an email and let us know about your great organization!