Holiday Decorating: The Mantle

Every year my collection of holiday decorations seems to double. To the point where half of our basement is filled with boxes. This year I decided to do a great purge. I kept a lot of the sentimental items but got rid of the cheesy ones…my plan was to focus on using items that are part of our everyday life. I didn’t want to create the typical red and green look, but wanted something simpler.
We have a wood burning fireplace, so we typically don’t hang our stockings on the mantle until Christmas eve. An old window takes center stage with a fresh greenery wreath. Alternatively, you could use a large mirror or an empty frame. Some of my favourite vintage books add a splash of colour! An antler our family dog carried out of the woods at our cottage seemed fitting too…lol! Seasonal scented candles and rose hips in small vases complete the look. Having a mantle that doesn’t scream “holidays” is also nice as there is no rush to take everything down on January 1.

What special items would you feature on your mantle?
Hoilday Decorating-The Mantle1.png
Hoilday Decorating-The Mantle2.png
Hoilday Decorating-The Mantle3.png
Holiday Decorating-The Mantle4.jpg