Your Wedding Date: Wedding Weekend?

You might think picking a wedding date is easy.  Maybe for some people it is…. The day you two met, your first date, the day you got engaged…the options are endless.  But is there something more to consider when choosing your wedding date? Consider your time-line. Do you want to get married in 6 months?  A year? Wedding venues are often booked up a year in advance and your chosen date may not be available. So what are your options?

Most couples opt for a Saturday.  This is by far the most common day of the week selected and for a number of valid reasons.  If you have family or friends coming from out of town, or if you have selected a venue that requires travel it is important to consider these guests.  Are you set on having a specific flower for your bouquet? Keep in mind seasonal availability and do some research before you pick your date. Venue prices and rentals may also vary by day and season.

If you pick a Friday, are you asking your guests to take a day off work?  This can be tricky for some attendees, but send out save the dates far enough in advance so guests can prepare.  Often times the bride and groom take the Friday off to pull together some last minute preparations. Keep in mind how much time you want to have before your day to get a manicure/pedicure or just get a good night’s rest.  Are you interested in a Sunday wedding? Plan for an earlier ceremony and reception. If you are religious, check with your ceremony venue as some may not schedule weddings on a Sunday if they conflict with Sunday services.

All in all, the choice is yours. Now pick a date and let the planning begin!