Wedding Trends: Pocket Squares

We are absolutely IN LOVE with pocket squares!  This unique floral feature is so fun and different from traditional boutonnieres… and we hope this trend continues to grow!  Pocket squares differ from boutonnieres (traditionally pinned on the lapel of a jacket) in that the flowers are arranged to sit inside the suit pocket.  The result gives the illusion that the flowers are growing out of the pocket!

This style is great for individuals with allergies as the flowers sit lower on the jacket.  The pocket square is also a bit sturdier than a traditional boutonniere as it has more structure.  There is also less of a risk that guests will be pricked by boutonniere pins or crush the flowers.

Although we are big fans of pocket squares, it is important to make sure that this style fits with the aesthetic of your look and suit.  This look is definitely modern and chic!

Trend - Pocket Square.1..jpg
Photo Credit: Beyond the Pines Collective @beyondthepinesphotos

Photo Credit: Beyond the Pines Collective @beyondthepinesphotos

Photo Credit: Beyond the Pines Collective @beyondthepinesphotos

Photo Credit: Beyond the Pines Collective @beyondthepinesphotos

Wedding Trends: Pantone Colour of the Year

If you haven’t already heard, Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year is “Living Coral”.  Every year, The Pantone Color Institute undergoes the tough selection process of selection a colour that best highlights upcoming trends across a number of different industries.  Entertainment, art, fashion, products, travel and lifestyle are all areas that influence and are influenced by the selection.

“Living Coral” is a bright, energetic colour that will definitely be featured in a number of floral trends for 2019….and we are thrilled!  There are so many amazing flower options available in the colour story, from coral charm peonies to proteas. Over the past year we have created a number of arrangements featuring this colour and hopefully they spark some inspiration!  I personally included this colour in my own wedding over five years ago with coral bridesmaid dresses! This saturated colour is definitely a showstopper…..

What do you think?
Will you feature this colour in your life this year?

Pantone-Living Coral.1.jpg
Pantone - Living Coral.2.jpg
Pantone - Living Coral.3.jpg
Pantone - Living Coral.4.jpg