Flower Colours

Spring flowers we love!

This past Wednesday marked the first day of spring and already I have sprouts starting in the garden and buds forming on my magnolia trees.  This winter seemed incredibly long, mostly because I feel like I was sick for 75 percent of it! As the days are getting longer and the weather is slowly getting warmer we can only get excited about spring flowers.  We always try to shop local and that means looking at seasonal flowers for our region. We have selected three of our favourite spring flowers to highlight on the blog today!

Seasonal Spring Flowers - Colour.jpg

Ranunculus: This flower is an all time favourite of ours.  With soft feathery petals, ranunculus are a sweet delicate looking flower.  Not only do they come in a variety of colours, but also different textures. Butterfly ranunculus for example feature a number of different flowers on each stem.  They also have a more open face and thin petals that “flutter” in the breeze.

Seasonal Spring Flower - Purple Ranunculus.jpg

Helleborus: Sometimes referred to as the ‘Christmas Rose” or ‘Winter Rose’ this plant begins blooming in the winter and continues into the spring.  With a unique colouring, hellebores are most commonly seen in shades of green, white and burgundy. With a distinct 5 petal head, hellebores are sure to wow in any arrangement.

Seasonal Spring Flower - Hellebores.jpg

Anemone: This flower truly makes a statement with it’s contrasting ‘eye’ catching center.  Most commonly seen in white, anemones are also available in shades of pinks and purples. It is no surprise that this flower is a symbol of protection against evil.  

Seasonal Spring Flower - White Anemone.jpg

What are some of your favourite spring flowers?  

White Anemone in a wintery bridal bouquet

White Anemone in a wintery bridal bouquet

Moody weddings: Is that an oxymoron?

I think when a wedding is classified as moody we are thinking unpredictable…not sad or gloomy. Or maybe it’s unpredictable to use dark deep colours often associated with sadness to celebrate such a happy occasion. Either way, moody weddings are definitely not melancholic but quite the opposite!

The past few years we have seen a rise in blush wedding details including soft textures with metallic accents. More recently, brides are combining the soft blush palette with deep burgundy for a stunning combination. These jewel tones: think ruby, emerald, sapphire were once considered “fall colours” but are now taking center stage in weddings year round….and we couldn’t be happier! These deep moody colours add an air of mystery and warmth and can be incorporated in a number of different details: emerald velvet napkins, rich berry desserts, coloured candles and of course, flowers.

Do you love this style?
Take it to the next level with unusual colour combinations like burgundy and mustard. It is important when choosing a look or theme for your wedding that you pick something that suits your personality and style. Don’t just follow the current trends, but be inspired by them and make your wedding something unique that represents you and your partner. After all, it’s those details that your guests will remember the most.

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch

We love working with our fellow industry vendors & friends!
This Styled Photoshoot was a collaborative effort;

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Wedding Trends: Pantone Colour of the Year

If you haven’t already heard, Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year is “Living Coral”.  Every year, The Pantone Color Institute undergoes the tough selection process of selection a colour that best highlights upcoming trends across a number of different industries.  Entertainment, art, fashion, products, travel and lifestyle are all areas that influence and are influenced by the selection.

“Living Coral” is a bright, energetic colour that will definitely be featured in a number of floral trends for 2019….and we are thrilled!  There are so many amazing flower options available in the colour story, from coral charm peonies to proteas. Over the past year we have created a number of arrangements featuring this colour and hopefully they spark some inspiration!  I personally included this colour in my own wedding over five years ago with coral bridesmaid dresses! This saturated colour is definitely a showstopper…..

What do you think?
Will you feature this colour in your life this year?

Pantone-Living Coral.1.jpg
Pantone - Living Coral.2.jpg
Pantone - Living Coral.3.jpg
Pantone - Living Coral.4.jpg