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Wedding Budget: Tips and Tricks

  1. How much money do you have? Don’t have unrealistic expectations on how much money you can save in the next 6 moths to a year.  

  2. Set a budget and stick to it! That means keeping track of how much you are spending.

  3. Look at the big picture.  Discuss what is important to you.  Do you love live music? Splurge on a live band but find other areas to save.

  4. Make compromises.  Be flexible with your options.  

  5. Be mindful of the season.  Some venues charge off season prices but consider all the factors.  If you are dead set on having peonies in your flowers, research when they are available.

  6. Do your research.

  7. Be comfortable with your vendors.  You don’t want to have to worry about minuscule details on your wedding day.

  8. Check your budget again.  Most couples are surprised how quickly everything adds up!

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Moody weddings: Is that an oxymoron?

I think when a wedding is classified as moody we are thinking unpredictable…not sad or gloomy. Or maybe it’s unpredictable to use dark deep colours often associated with sadness to celebrate such a happy occasion. Either way, moody weddings are definitely not melancholic but quite the opposite!

The past few years we have seen a rise in blush wedding details including soft textures with metallic accents. More recently, brides are combining the soft blush palette with deep burgundy for a stunning combination. These jewel tones: think ruby, emerald, sapphire were once considered “fall colours” but are now taking center stage in weddings year round….and we couldn’t be happier! These deep moody colours add an air of mystery and warmth and can be incorporated in a number of different details: emerald velvet napkins, rich berry desserts, coloured candles and of course, flowers.

Do you love this style?
Take it to the next level with unusual colour combinations like burgundy and mustard. It is important when choosing a look or theme for your wedding that you pick something that suits your personality and style. Don’t just follow the current trends, but be inspired by them and make your wedding something unique that represents you and your partner. After all, it’s those details that your guests will remember the most.

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch

Photo Credit: Willow + Birch

We love working with our fellow industry vendors & friends!
This Styled Photoshoot was a collaborative effort;

Planning & Design
Weddings By Alexandra

Willow + Birch

Cake Artist
Sweet & Shy Cakes

Makeup & Hair
Victoria Barrett Makeup & Hair
Victoria Barrett & Cristina Capilongo

Chairman Mills Corp.

Burlap & Lace

135mm Photography + Studios

Brittany + Stephanie

Catherine Langlois Bridal

Invitation + Graphic Design
The Polka Dot Paper Shop

Wedding Trends: Minimalist

As with a major shift in interior design that focuses on mid century modern furniture, the minimalist look is a trend to watch out for in 2019.  Characteristics of this style include a limited colour palette as well as natural elements like wood and stone. We also see florals with unique shapes and structure taking center stage.  

A wood table runner sets the stage for apothecary bottles with true blue eucalyptus.  The elements and principles of design are highlighted with this trend including line, shape, symmetry and repetition.  We have also included another trend to watch: velvet!

Trends - Minimalist 1.jpg

Spotlight: Ricarda’s Toronto - 134 Peter Street

This stunning venue was the perfect backdrop for a minimalist wedding.  Our apothecary bottles were once again filled with greens: sword and leather ferns.  Olive branches decorated the table. We worked with a limited colour palette including white roses with a wide variety of greenery.  Overall, the look is sleek and refined.

Looking to create a minimalist look in your home?
First step-clear the clutter! Pick one major focal point in each room and stick to colours and finishes that compliment each other.

Find some useful wedding planning tools here on Wedding Wire!

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