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Wedding Trends: Minimalist

As with a major shift in interior design that focuses on mid century modern furniture, the minimalist look is a trend to watch out for in 2019.  Characteristics of this style include a limited colour palette as well as natural elements like wood and stone. We also see florals with unique shapes and structure taking center stage.  

A wood table runner sets the stage for apothecary bottles with true blue eucalyptus.  The elements and principles of design are highlighted with this trend including line, shape, symmetry and repetition.  We have also included another trend to watch: velvet!

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Spotlight: Ricarda’s Toronto - 134 Peter Street

This stunning venue was the perfect backdrop for a minimalist wedding.  Our apothecary bottles were once again filled with greens: sword and leather ferns.  Olive branches decorated the table. We worked with a limited colour palette including white roses with a wide variety of greenery.  Overall, the look is sleek and refined.

Looking to create a minimalist look in your home?
First step-clear the clutter! Pick one major focal point in each room and stick to colours and finishes that compliment each other.

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Holiday Decorating: The Table Part 1

Holiday parties! Need I say more? We absolutely love entertaining, and the holidays are the perfect excuse to catch up with those friends you haven’t seen in a while. You know, those friends you see in the summer and at Christmas. We get it, life is pretty busy in between.

I love dressing up my table for dinner parties. Sometimes the smallest details make the evening most memorable. This year, I hand painted ornaments for my friends and family, and used them as name tags on the table. With a background in fine art, this was the perfect excuse to spend my Saturday afternoon! I used a table runner I already owned and dressed it up with brass candlesticks and cedar greens. Once again, greenery is a fast and simple way to decorate, and the smell of cedar is amazing!

Stay tuned for next week as we show you another way to dress your table for the holidays!

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